Speaking of sugar – I’m going to blow your mind with some winter sweet busters.

During this time of year I die for pumpkin spice lattes and if I’m feeling really bad, even a white chocolate mocha from – well anywhere I f*cking feel like it! It’s winter – I’ll be in baggy clothes – who cares?


As someone whose struggled with weight I decided to delve a little deeper into these warm, delicious treats. A drink that can almost act as its own dessert is typically not too good for you. For me, I feel guilty if I go one day without working out and counting calories. So let’s look into how many miles you’d have to run to beat these sweets.

Calories in a Grande (16 oz) Pumpkin Spice Latte – 380, 13 G Fat, 51 G Carbohydrates 



If you’re like me and you count calories – let’s see what this does to your daily intake. My calories are set at 1,250 per day including alcohol! (On most days) except for Friday, Saturday and some Sundays when I get a swirl or beer or wine or dirty martini.  If you add this treat to your morning, afternoon or evening – you are left with essentially only two meals left during the day – with around 870 calories left. Any good dinner meal should encompass some protein, grains and veggies – which do add up in good calories.

So why am I discussing this? Well what about a sweet alternative? You’re welcome waist line. Well actually don’t thank me as I stole this amazeballs recipe from @MamaNatural ( (Photo Cred also a la Mama Natural) 

This alternative is only 185 calories and wins you back about HALF of the calories from Starbucks. Try spicing up your winter season with a healthier alternative. On an ingredient budget? Me too! Have a girls night where you get together to discuss your week, snuggle in your jammies and have each gal bring a different ingredient! 



Want some other healthy alternatives for your typical winter favorites? Write a comment let me know. I’m working on making my own all fall! 

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