How To: Semi-Homemade Pumpkin Spice Bread


Semi-Homemade Pumpkin Spice Bread. You could say that I love pumpkin spice, just a little. 🙂 

Feeling in the holiday spirit once the weather turns a bit brisk and the leaves start changing colors? Me too! 

I went to the store and bought Pumpkin Spice Bread mix from Fresh & Easy and mixed the ingredients, two eggs, oil and water and prepped my bread pan for baking. 



Toppings aren’t included in the mix. I decided that I’d add a twist of my own to make this dish even more delicious. First, I took a tablespoon of butter and began melting it in a saute pan. 



That’s right – the go-to holiday accoutrement, PECANS.



Once the butter began bubbling a bit I added the chopped pecans and added two cap-fulls of vanilla. Image

Next, add the mixture into a greased bread pan – or how I call naked, sans topping. 



This dressed version is the naked mixture with the addition of our chopped pecan and vanilla-infused topping.

This dish is then ready to go into the oven. Heat the temperature to 375 degrees and set your timer for 50 minutes. 


After you let your dish cook through fully, this is what you’ll have awaiting you. It’s delicious alone, with a great cup of coffee on a cold morning, after a nice light dinner or heated through with a bit of butter. 

Hope this inspires on a nice winter afternoon and be sure to indulge in your favorite treats with Confetti-like convection. 



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