Trend Alert: Peekaboo and Hats

As the polar vortex ensues much of the East Coast, those of us on the West Coast are experiencing 55 degrees and sunshine, with slight rain overnight when we get our beauty rest. 

One fashion trend that I’m continuously seeing is the peekaboo bootie. It’s somewhat of an ironic fall shoe don’t you think? Typically we like to wear close-toed shoes as a) it’s warmer and b) we haven’t had our classic pedicures that we so frequently get in the summer. Well ladies, best get yourself to the nearest salon because the Peekaboo bootie is here to stay! 

Personally, I gotta have it! 

One of my favorite pairs right now is the DV Marana Bootie by Dolce Vita, you can get these at Nordstrom for $128.95. 



Another must have for me right now, are fall hats. I’ve always been a hat person myself and yes, during the fall, and when paired correctly you can keep your hat on indoors. Typically it’s considered ill-mannered to continue to wear your hat indoors, (although this rule typically was more men only as they’re more likely to wear hats). But ladies, when worn stylishly and when looking classy, you can rock this hat indoors all day long! 


This ‘Stripes Ahead’ Wool Fit Fedora is available at for only $38! Talk about a steal.

What are your thoughts about these pieces? Gotta Have It, Make Them Stop? #FashionPolice anyone? 


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