Fashion Deserving of Gold at Last Nights’ Golden Globe Awards

Awards Season is back at it! 

There are few things more exciting than watching (although being there would be more exciting) beautiful adorned gowns on the Red Carpet on our favorite A-list celebs. 

There were a few fashionistas that really made the mark for me, and showcased what superstardom looks like. If I were famous, you better bet I’d be reaching for a statement dress that would leave viewers and fashion folks talking about me well after the show, whether I won an award or not. 

I have a top 3 list that I think warrant “gold” stars in every sense. Not only are each of these women stunning – but they chose outfits that reflect different things about what they wanted to put off at the Globes. 

Being a psychology major, I like to look at the choices behind the fashion, it’s not just a dress. There’s a reason why these were chosen. 

Best Dressed 2014 at The Golden Globes

1. Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren



Stunning, stunning, stunning – must-have this look.

Lupita’s choice reflects a lot of things to me.

First off, she’s an up and coming star with not only talent but the most amazing figure and flawless face. She is an Ivy-educated beauty who recently graduated from Yale. I think her choice is one of simplistic perfection. Ralph Lauren is an all American designer known for his simplistic yet classic shapes, color palettes and design choices that often are somewhat nautical in nature. A true “everyday woman” characteristic is designed by Ralph Lauren. When you think of modern-American woman what do you think? White, tall, a nip-tuck every other week?

Lupita is at the Golden Globes for her performance in “12 Years a Slave,” a movie which educates those of us who choose to turn a blind-eye to the past that our ancestors left-behind. As we still fight for equality on a majority of topics, I think her choice to wear a red dress on the red carpet, by a strong American designer showcases just how far we’ve come. She is a symbol of the post-slavery Black woman: strong, confident, glamorous and eye-catching. She wins my Golden Girl on the Carpet award last night for best dressed. Everything is flawlessly executed from the trend-setting cape connected to her dress to her toned down jewelry and stunning make-up. 


2. Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad



Kate to me is utter perfection, girl crush to the extreme.

Not only does she have the most fantastic body, but she looks great in make-up and gorgeous without. What I love about this Zuhair Murad gown is the mermaid-cut bodice adorned with a beautiful criss-cross patterning of silver beads and a black bodice underneath. Grey/Silver are On-trend colors this year, as are black and white. Typically, I will always fall for a neon or bright colored dress but in this case, muted takes the cake. Her dark nails match the color palette of the dress, her clutch and her dark hair. I’m obsessed with the fact that she went with a messy side-bun as opposed to a more cold, slicked back straight do. Top pick for sure. 

3. Camila Alves in Dolce & Gabbana



This is a Hollywood couple to envy. They’re both head to toe Dolce & Gabbana and she looks flawless and he makes velvet look sexy. How does that happen?

What I love about her look, is that she is a dark Latin beauty and there isn’t a dress out there that can manifest that more than this floor-length sequined black DG dress. 

The event last night was for Matthew. His film was an artistic version of his method acting skills and she was there in support, not to over-shadow. This dress perfectly states elegance and poise without overpowering his big night (and win) by a revealing over-the-top dress. 



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